Пользовательское соглашение

Terms & Conditions and terms of use Topstockonline.com

— The Agreement defines the rights and duties of Internet users who have expressed a desire to become a the Customer service Topstockonline.com (the «Service»).

— The user has the right to accept and not to accept the proposed terms, which will continue to determine its participation or non participation in the system.

— The agreement is deemed bilateral and determines rendering to the user without binding.

Termination of an agreement

— Customer service has the right to notify the Topstockonline.com about his desire to close the account at any time. In this case, the liquidation of an account in the service and delete all personal data specified by the user during registration occurs after the identification of the applicant and verify compliance by the person who registered the account.

— Service reserves the right not to block accounts for a certain period or permanently if there is some suspicion that it is not the owner of the account to establish the circumstances.

— Use of Topstockonline.com US citizens and permanent residents of the United States is strictly prohibited. The system reserves the right to block the registration originating from the US or US citizens living abroad, in connection with the local laws and regulations. Any individual or company suspected of submitting false/misleading information with purpose of hiding US location or affiliation may be subject to account block with no prior warning.

1. We do not refund the money to your wallet (only when closed website!).

2. We will refund the money to your balance in the event of server failure or our fault.

3. We do not refund the money to the balance if you make a mistake while downloading.

4. Each image will be saved with the ability to download within 3 days, after this period, images are automatically deleted.

5. Update downloads for each Web site, usually about 15 minutes, sometimes up to 1 hour. You will observe the contrary Photo Bank grey circle indicates that the image bank on the restart or on a photo bank technical failure.

6. Our approach to customer support, the issues that came to us before will be resolved sooner. (For about 15 minutes — 4 hours).

7. When using our service you need to use the materials for informational purpose.

8. Orders for video processed manually from 9am to 7 pm by time zone GMT+04.
If your order is created after 7 pm, it will be processed in the morning following day. Order processing time of from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the quantity. When ordering Footage — make sure that you have the amount balance — needed to buy of video. After we will send you a footage file from your balance will be deducted the amount of the order Footage.

9. The administration does not bear responsibility for the wrongful acts of users of the resource topstockonline.com.

10. The user is solely responsible for his actions on our services, topstock not responsible or warranties with respect to your expectations to make using the services topstockonline.com.

11. Our service ensures uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, if it is not connected to the force majeure.

12. When you register, you confirm that you have read and agree to the rules of our services.

13. If you don’t use our service 1 month (do not fill up the balance) from the time of registration, your account will be automatically blocked.

14. We reserve the right to change any of the terms, rules or policies of the site at any time at its discretion.